The "How to" and "Who To" On MMA Fight Picks

How To Bet On Fights: Choose a Winner

Choosing a winning team, a winning horse or a winning fighter requires much more than being a fan.  And every sport requires a different process.

How do the professionals predict the victor of a fight?  Thorough Analysis.

There are those statistics  you can easily Google search such as:

1. Wins and losses.  Do they have more wins under their belt then losses?  Were the losses earlier in their career, indicating they have since improved? Or were the losses later in their career, indicating they are past their prime?

2. Method of win (or loss) and Opponent. Do they win by way of knockout, indicating they are hard hitters?  Do they win by unanimous or split decision? What did a particular opponent do that presented a challenge for the fighter?

3. Age, height, reach, weight.  Are they nearing an age that most fighters retire from the sport?  Will they be able to use their height and reach in this fight?

4. Trainer. Is their trainer none for getting fighters in fight shape?  Is their trainer known for making fighter’s better?  How experienced is their trainer?

Then there are many aspects of a fighter that one can only know from research

1. Reflex and speed.  How quickly does this fighter move, strike or shoot for take-downs?

2. Technical Ability. A technical fighter’s skill can often negate another fighter’s strength or speed.

3. Athleticism.

4. Strength and Power. Is the fighter known for running their opponents over like a train with strength and power making them difficult to submit?

5. Style. Does the fighter have a predominant fighting style?  Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, etc..

6. Conditioning. Has this fighter been known to “run out of gas”?  Or is the fighter able to go every round looking as fresh as when he/she started?

7. Durability. Can the fighter take a beating and keep coming?

8. Heart. Does this fighter give all he has in every fight?

9. Experience. 

10. Finishes.

And still there is more behind the scenes helpful information

1. Injuries in training camp

2. Personal problems

3. Etc…

They say in fighting there’s always a “puncher’s chance”.  In other words, whether the fighter is The Favorite or The Underdog a punch can hit at just the right spot to end the fight.  In MMA, this is more likely because the gloves are small and there is no 10-count.  In boxing, a fan could have more confidence about how the fight will go.

When betting on fights, make sure to do your due diligence and examine all the important aspects of a fighter and how he or she matches up with their opponent.


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