The "How to" and "Who To" On MMA Fight Picks

How To Bet On Fights: Money Lines

MMA and Boxing, unlike most other sports, uses money lines (as opposed to point spreads).  Money lines are used to equal out the attractiveness of The Favorite and The Underdog for the typical bettor.  The oddsmakers accomplish this by setting the money lines so that more money must be risked on The Favorite  in order to realize any meaningful proft.   On the other hand, the same amount of money (or less) on the underdog will mean more profit for the bettor.

Here’s an example.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva, has never lost in the UFC.  The money line between Anderson Silva and a no-name/no-record fighter would be a very uneven match. Anderson Silva would be The Favorite.  The no-namer would be The Underdog.  Sportsbooks would make bettors wager significantly more money on The Spider than the No Name Fighter.

Here’s How To Use The Money Line:

Look at this example

     “Anderson Silva -300 / No Name +300”

This means that every $300 bet on Anderson Silva would net $100 profit if he wins.

On the other hand, if No Name wins, $100 bet on No Name would realize a $300 profit.

Here’s another example:

Jon Jones (-340) / Rashad Evans (+220)

In this matchup, Jones is the favorite at -340.  This means that for every $3.40 you bet, you win $1.  So if you were to bet $340 on Jon Jones, you would win $100 if he is the victor.  Since Rashad Evans is the underdog at +120, for every $1 you bet, you will win $2.20.  So betting $100 on Rashad would get you $220 if he wins.

The UFC, mixed martial arts is rapidly becoming the favorite of sports bettors and sports books alike.  There is no “fight season”. There are fights every weekend. In other words, every weekend, there is potential to win money.


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