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UFC 141: Lesnar Vs. Overeem Get Rich Picks

Lesnar vs. Overeem

Lesnar has a total of 7 professional MMA fights.  5 wins and 2 losses.  He tends to win by using his wrestling experience, size and athleticism to bring his opponent to the ground.  Lesnar is dangerous and difficult to shake when he is on top of an opponent.  His opponents do well against him only when they are able to stop his take-downs.

Overeem is very hard hitter.  He has had 47 MMA fights with 35 wins.  Although he is known for being a very experienced kick boxer, his last win (by decision) against Fabricio Werdum was not very skilled performance.  Still Overeem is The Favorite to win and it is  his punches (and knees) will stun Lesnar.

You won’t win a lot of money betting on Overeem since he is The Favorite. Lesnar’s only chance of winning is to get the take down and use his great top control to ground and pound his way to a win.  Otherwise with Overeem’s superior stand up technique, he will have this in the bag.

1. Bovada: Overeem (-150)/ Lesnar (+120)  Bet $150 on  Overeem to profit $100

2.  Sportsbetting: Alistair Overeem win by KO or TKO: 13/10 Bet $100 to profit $130

3. Bookmaker: Lesnar/Overeem to go under 1.5 rounds (-162) Bet $162 to profit $100

Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone

This fight will likely be Fight of The Night.  Donald Cerrone is on a 6 fight winning street.  He has remarkable Muay Thai offense: knees, elbows, leg kicks.  Needless to say he would be happy to stand up against Diaz, but Diaz’s boxing is also good.   These two match one another in technique and skill but Diaz is 2-2 in his last four fights.  Donald Cerrone’s leg kicks may be able to win him this fight but Diaz will not let that happen.  Diaz will keep coming forward with relenteless punches.  The Underdog will win this one.

Check Out the UFC 141 Fight Odds

1. Bovada: Donald Cerrone (-325) vs. Nate Diaz (+250) Bet $100 on Nate Diaz to profit $250 

2.  Sportsbetting: Diaz win by Decision: 13/2  Bet $100 to win $650

3. Bookmaker: Diaz/Cerrone to go over 2.5 rounds (-148)  Bet $148 to make $100 here.

Fitch vs. Hendricks

Fitch has a conservative style with very good control.  He has been out of the cage for a while now but he is highly ranked and experienced welterweight.  His wrestling ability and patience will help him in this fight.  Hendricks also has a wrestling background has shown remarkable improvement with each fight.  With his superior stand-up Hendricks will likely try to keep the fight standing.  Fight Fans are accustomed to seeing Jon Fitch’s fights go the distance, but with Fitch is just coming back from an injury, there’s a good possibility that Hendricks has the energy and ability to end this fight quick.

Bovada: Jon Fitch (-260) vs John Hendricks (+200) Bet $100 on Hendricks to profit $200

Sportsbetting: Hendrickswin by KO or TKO: 3/2 Bet $100 to profit $150

Bookmaker: Hendricks/Fitch to go Under 2.5 (+215) Bet $100 to profit $215

The best bet to make tonight is that Nate Diaz wins by decision.  He stands a very good chance of winning the decision in this fight.  And a small wager of $100 can profit $650.


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