The "How to" and "Who To" On MMA Fight Picks

UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes Get Rich Picks

Rousimar Palhares vs Mike Massenzio

Both of these men are are Jiu jitsu black belts, but Palhares has the advantage.  For one, if you watch his highlight video, his submissions come with evil intentions.  Palhares doesn’t want to give you time to tap, he wants a snap.  Add his much improved stand up and and Massenzio does not appear to be much of a threat to Palhares.

The odds for this match are Mike Massenzio at +415.  This means if you bet $100 you can win $415 or if you bet $1.00 you can win $4.15.  (Look at Money Lines to help you understand betting on fights)  Rousimar Palhares is at  -525 , meaning you would have to bet $525 to win $100. The over rounds are at  -135  and the under rounds at at +105.  If you bet on the Over or Under, in this match, it means you are bettng that the fight either stays Under 1.5 rounds or Over 1.5 rounds.

GetRichPick has Rousimar Palhares and the under by 1st Round Submission. 

Vitor Belfort vs Anthony Johnson

Both fighters are knockout artist. This would be a great fight for both men to go to war on their feet.  Belfort has knocked out the higher caliber fighters but  Anthony Johnson has longer reach and a height advantage. 

Experience is not always the best tell for a winner but Belfort’s experience should help him greatly here.  Not to mention, Belfort is a black belt in brazilian jiu jitsu.  Even though, Belfort has not submitted an opponent in 10 years, he still has the edge in this fight.

Johnson is at +115  so for every dollar you bet you can win $1.15.

GetRichPick will Bet on Vitor Belfort (-135)

Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes: UFC Featherweight Championship Bout

Jose Aldo has to keep Chad Mendes from taking this fight to that mat.

Aldo is one of the best pure strikers in MMA but, as one of the best wrestlers in MMA, Mendes is very successful with his takedowns.

Aldo has excellent takedown defense.  His leg kicks can also impair Mendes’ explosiveness for takedowns.  And who wants to bet Aldo has been practicing knees to the head of an opponent who shoots for a takedown?

  Chad Mendes +210, Jose Aldo -250, Over 2.5 rounds -160, Under 2.5 +130

Jose Aldo by Knockout (Under 4.5)


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