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Johnson Could Not Make Weight

Rumble Johnson overweight. Fertita clearly upset.

         Anthony Johnson weighed in twelve pounds over for his middleweight debut.  Johnson’s manager says the fighter suddenly fell ill and doctors ordered him to get some fluids into his body for his own health and well-being.  Johnson followed the doctor’s orders and finally began to feel better with only an hour till weigh-ins.

     Luckily, Vitor Belfort has agreed to continue with the fight as long as Johnson comes in under 205lbs before the fight.  The UFC will award Vitor Belfort 20% of Johnson’s purse.

     UFC President, Dana White, called Johnson’s failure to make weight “completely unprofessional”.  And it is rumored that Johnson may be fired.

    The odds for the fight remain the same.  But if Johnson felt ill would that “illness” cross over into his fight tomorrow?  Or will his weight advantage also give him the fighting edge tomorrow?


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